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When you connect with a listed Process Server and task them with effecting legal process of a U.S.D.C summons in Alaska it is their responsibility to assure the manner of service is executed specifically as required by Rule 4 and all applicable laws. They are knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle your request and perform services as needed, so no worries.

Process Servers serve U.S.D.C. process within Alaska or any jurisdiction or district, there is only one way to serve process and that is the correct way. All process serving services must be handled in person and must comply with Federal Rules, specifically Rule 4. Again, no worries, listed Process Servers are adept at all aspects of effecting service of process

Directory listed Process Servers in Alaska make a formal distinction how U.S.D.C. service is properly made. Each and every service they handle is carefully evaluated and classified so they can plan and execute proper service. First, they work with Attorneys and or Paralegals who ask them to serve U.S.D.C. / Federal actions. Their services involve serving and delivering U.S. Federal District Court actions which are uniquely governed by federal statutes and laws and may differ from state laws. Federal actions, though similar to state actions, require our process servers in Alaska to have a complete understanding of Rule 4 and the Federal rules of civil procedure. Federal rules for proper service of process also involve a proper Proof of Service affidavit that differs from the affidavits required by state courts.

Process Servers who serve in accordance with Rule 4. U.S.D.C. Process Serving Summons and Complaint Services in Alaska

The importance of utilizing a listed and experienced Alaska Process Server for a U.S.D.C. issued summons should be not be underestimated. It is the court summons and how it is served that is responsible for the commencement of all lawsuits within each federal jurisdictions. Attorneys who have a summons issued by a USDC court and are seeking process services in Alaska depend upon private process servers to properly execute service of process of the summons. Serving the U.S.D.C. summons upon the defendant is what establishes jurisdiction of the court over the defendant and or respondent. So, again, no worries, our Process Servers have you back.

Private Process Servers listed in Alaska understand the importance of proper service of a U.S.D.C. summons

U.S.D.C. Summons Servers in Alaska are professional process servers who offer fast and reliable service of process services.

Listed Process Servers believe Service of Process of U.S.D.C. legal documents in Alaska requires on time management skills, accuracy, knowledge of Rule 4 and tenacity.

For twenty eight years listed Process Servers have earned the reputation of being the most dependable and consistent U.S.D.C. service providers in Alaska and have an impeccable record of success. Very few, if any, process serving agencies in Alaska offer you the experience, real time communications, follow up and a flawless Proof of Service as those listed in our directory. U.S.D.C. process servers listed in Alaska offer an unconditional guarantee for the way process serving services are performed. Directory listed U.S.D.C. Process Servers are situated throughout Alaska and guarantee results!

For purposes of our Best Practices, "Service of Process” of a U.S.D.C. action in Alaska refers to the service of a summons, initial or other process intended to acquire jurisdiction over a person or property." Secondary service" of process refers to the service of subsequent papers exchanged between the parties following service of initial process. These Best Practices refer to both Primary and Secondary service of process in Alaska.

What does Effected or Completed Service in Alaska mean?

The word or phrase "effected service" refers to the date that legal process was served upon the defendant in Alaska and involved in the legal process or lawsuit.

The word or phrase "completed" refers to the date that legal process was served upon the defendant and where in Alaska service took place.

What does Non-Service of Process in Alaska mean?

When in-person service upon a named party cannot be effected in Alaska or anywhere else, the next best method of service should be in-person delivery of process to a person authorized by court rule or statute to deliver process to on behalf of the named party. For example, this includes such person as "Suitable Age and Discretion," "person apparently in charge at a principal place of business,” full time co-resident,” "parent," "guardian," "registered agent" and "resident agent,” or “statutory agent.”

When service cannot be effected or completed in Alaska, the next best methods of service is alternate methods authorized by court rule or statute upon a demonstration of the fact that service cannot be effected by personally delivering papers in person.

What is an Alaska Process Server's Work Product?

The work product of a process server is the proof of service submitted by that person attesting to the fact that a particular person or entity was given legal process in a manner prescribed by U.S.D.C law. The proof, return or affidavit of service is what the courts rely upon to determine whether jurisdiction has been acquired over a particular person, entity, or property. The proof, return or affidavit of service must be beyond reproach. A.C.E. Process Servers in Alaska always take copious notes and documents observations, facts and details for each service provided. These extra efforts prove to be invaluable and a means to memorialize the service should there be any questions or challenges in the future.

In every new relationship, there is a period of time where the two parties get to know each other. Listed Process Servers personalized client services are designed to impress you. You will find all listed Alaska Process Servers to be very capable of meeting your needs as they get to know you.

This directory of Process Servers utilizes a seasoned tried and true network of U.S.D.C. authorized Process Servers that allow them to work with law offices across the nation who in need proper and timely service of U.S.D.C. Court actions.

Our Process Servers work throughout in Alaska jurisdictions. When serving a U.S.D.C. legal actions in Alaska jurisdictions Process Servers must observe Rule 4 as the way your summons will be served. Every step taken is fully compliant and always tried and true.

We do not want you to worry. Whenever you have a question or a concern, please email your Process Server immediately. They will always be available to assist you, and they will not leave your side until you are happy. Your satisfaction and proper service of your U.S.D.C Summons is all of our main priority.

Our directory of Process Servers offer U.S.D.C. services anywhere in Alaska. Our Statewide Services are performed by strategically located process servers who are capable of handling one or dozens of requests. As a nationwide directory with deep rooted contacts and connections, services provided in Alaska can depended upon for fast, efficient and dependable results.

To arrange service of your U.S.D.C. Summons and Complaint to be served in Alaska, please click on the "Get a Quote" Link above and you will receive a quick response.

Process Serving USDC Summons and Complaint by City in Alaska


  • Adak, AK
  • Adak, AK
  • Akhiok, AK
  • Akiachak, AK
  • Akiak, AK
  • Akutan, AK
  • Alakanuk, AK
  • Aleknagik, AK
  • Allakaket, AK
  • Ambler, AK
  • Anaktuvuk Pass, AK
  • Anchor Point, AK
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Anderson, AK
  • Angoon, AK
  • Aniak, AK
  • Anvik, AK
  • Arctic Village, AK
  • Atka, AK
  • Atka, AK
  • Atmautluak, AK
  • Atqasuk, AK
  • Auke Bay, AK
  • B

  • Badger, AK
  • Barrow, AK
  • Beaver, AK
  • Bethel, AK
  • Bettles Field, AK
  • Big Lake, AK
  • Bird Creek, AK
  • Brevig Mission, AK
  • Buckland, AK
  • C

  • Cantwell, AK
  • Central, AK
  • Chalkyitsik, AK
  • Chefornak, AK
  • Chenega Bay, AK
  • Chevak, AK
  • Chickaloon, AK
  • Chicken, AK
  • Chignik, AK
  • Chignik Lagoon, AK
  • Chignik Lake, AK
  • Chiniak, AK
  • Chitina, AK
  • Chuathbaluk, AK
  • Chugiak, AK
  • Circle, AK
  • Clam Gulch, AK
  • Clarks Point, AK
  • Clear, AK
  • Coffman Cove, AK
  • Cold Bay, AK
  • Cooper Landing, AK
  • Copper Center, AK
  • Cordova, AK
  • Craig, AK
  • Crooked Creek, AK
  • D

  • Deering, AK
  • Delta Junction, AK
  • Denali Park, AK
  • Dillingham, AK
  • Diomede, AK
  • Douglas, AK
  • Dutch Harbor, AK
  • E

  • Eagle, AK
  • Eagle River, AK
  • Edna Bay, AK
  • Eek, AK
  • Egegik, AK
  • Ekwok, AK
  • Elfin Cove, AK
  • Elim, AK
  • Emmonak, AK
  • English Bay, AK
  • Ester, AK
  • F

  • Fairbanks, AK
  • Fairbanks, AK
  • False Pass, AK
  • Fort Greely, AK
  • Fort Richardson, AK
  • Fort Wainwright, AK
  • Fort Yukon, AK
  • Fritz Creek, AK
  • G

  • Gakona, AK
  • Galena, AK
  • Gambell, AK
  • Girdwood, AK
  • Girdwood, AK
  • Glennallen, AK
  • Golovin, AK
  • Goodnews Bay, AK
  • Grayling, AK
  • Gustavus, AK
  • H

  • Haines, AK
  • Halibut Cove, AK
  • Healy, AK
  • Holy Cross, AK
  • Homer, AK
  • Hoonah, AK
  • Hooper Bay, AK
  • Hope, AK
  • Houston, AK
  • Hughes, AK
  • Huslia, AK
  • Hydaburg, AK
  • Hyder, AK
  • I

  • Igiugig, AK
  • Igiugig, AK
  • Iliamna, AK
  • Indian, AK
  • J

  • Juneau, AK
  • K

  • Kachemak, AK
  • Kake, AK
  • Kaktovik, AK
  • Kalskag, AK
  • Kaltag, AK
  • Karluk, AK
  • Kasaan, AK
  • Kasigluk, AK
  • Kasilof, AK
  • Kenai, AK
  • Ketchikan, AK
  • Ketchikan, AK
  • Ketchikan, AK
  • Kiana, AK
  • King Cove, AK
  • King Salmon, AK
  • King Salmon, AK
  • Kipnuk, AK
  • Kivalina, AK
  • Klawock, AK
  • Kobuk, AK
  • Kodiak, AK
  • Kokhanok, AK
  • Koliganek, AK
  • Kongiganak, AK
  • Kotlik, AK
  • Kotzebue, AK
  • Koyuk, AK
  • Koyukuk, AK
  • Kupreanof, AK
  • Kwethluk, AK
  • Kwigillingok, AK
  • L

  • Lake Minchumina, AK
  • Larsen Bay, AK
  • Levelock, AK
  • Little Diomede, AK
  • Lower Kalskag, AK
  • M

  • Manley Hot Springs, AK
  • Manokotak, AK
  • Marshall, AK
  • McGrath, AK
  • Meadow Lake, AK
  • Mekoryuk, AK
  • Mentasta Lake, AK
  • Metlakatla, AK
  • Meyers Chuck, AK
  • Meyers Chuck, AK
  • Miers Lake, AK
  • Minto, AK
  • Moose Pass, AK
  • Mountain Village, AK
  • N

  • Naknek, AK
  • Nanwalek, AK
  • Napakiak, AK
  • Napaskiak, AK
  • Naukati Bay, AK
  • Nelson Lagoon, AK
  • Nenana, AK
  • Nenana, AK
  • New Stuyahok, AK
  • Newtok, AK
  • Nightmute, AK
  • Nikiski, AK
  • Nikolaevsk, AK
  • Nikolai, AK
  • Nikolski, AK
  • Ninilchik, AK
  • Noatak, AK
  • Nome, AK
  • Nondalton, AK
  • Noorvik, AK
  • North Pole, AK
  • Northway, AK
  • Nuiqsut, AK
  • Nulato, AK
  • Nunam Iqua, AK
  • Nunapitchuk, AK
  • O

  • Old Harbor, AK
  • Ouzinkie, AK
  • P

  • Palmer, AK
  • Pedro Bay, AK
  • Pelican, AK
  • Perryville, AK
  • Petersburg, AK
  • Pilot Point, AK
  • Pilot Station, AK
  • Platinum, AK
  • Point Baker, AK
  • Point Hope, AK
  • Point Lay, AK
  • Port Alexander, AK
  • Port Alsworth, AK
  • Port Graham, AK
  • Port Heiden, AK
  • Port Lions, AK
  • Prudhoe Bay, AK
  • Q

  • Quinhagak, AK
  • R

  • Rampart, AK
  • Red Devil, AK
  • Ruby, AK
  • Russian Mission, AK
  • S

  • Saint George Island, AK
  • Saint Marys, AK
  • Saint Michael, AK
  • Saint Paul, AK
  • Saint Paul Island, AK
  • Salcha, AK
  • Sand Point, AK
  • Savoonga, AK
  • Saxman, AK
  • Scammon Bay, AK
  • Selawik, AK
  • Seldovia, AK
  • Seward, AK
  • Shageluk, AK
  • Shaktoolik, AK
  • Shishmaref, AK
  • Shungnak, AK
  • Sitka, AK
  • Skagway, AK
  • Skwentna, AK
  • Slana, AK
  • Sleetmute, AK
  • Soldotna, AK
  • Soldotna, AK
  • South Naknek, AK
  • Stebbins, AK
  • Steese, AK
  • Sterling, AK
  • Stevens Village, AK
  • Stony River, AK
  • Sutton, AK
  • T

  • Takotna, AK
  • Talkeetna, AK
  • Tanacross, AK
  • Tanana, AK
  • Tatitlek, AK
  • Teller, AK
  • Tenakee Springs, AK
  • Thorne Bay, AK
  • Togiak, AK
  • Tok, AK
  • Toksook Bay, AK
  • Trapper Creek, AK
  • Tuluksak, AK
  • Tuntutuliak, AK
  • Tununak, AK
  • Twin Hills, AK
  • Two Rivers, AK
  • Tyonek, AK
  • U

  • Unalakleet, AK
  • Unalaska, AK
  • V

  • Valdez, AK
  • Venetie, AK
  • W

  • Wainwright, AK
  • Wales, AK
  • Ward Cove, AK
  • Wasilla, AK
  • White Mountain, AK
  • Whittier, AK
  • Willow, AK
  • Wrangell, AK
  • Y

  • Yakutat, AK