We are a directory service that connects Private Process Servers and Constables to Plaintiff's or Plaintiffs Counsel to serve USDC Actions. Process Servers listed in our directory are familiar with USDC and Federal Court Rule 4; that is, they know how to serve defendants with USDC Lawsuits. All Process Servers are vetted, dependable and capable of commencing services in a moments notice.

Process Serving Services of USDC District Summons and Complaint Services are Compliant with state statutes and a Federal Rule 4

Our directory of Process Servers and Constables, specializing in USDC actions, can be utilized to find Process Servers who perform service of process in any and all Federal Jurisdictions.

All directory services are managed from one central location and is secured and by dedicated employees who assure directory access every minute of every day.

When you select Process Servers or Constables from our directory, you are guaranteed one on one personalized service with the process server in the field who is handling the service of your service.

About our Directory

Process Servers in our directory are highly acclaimed District Court Summons service of process specialists. We have been voted, "the best directory of USDC process servers in the nation" for the past eleven years and has over 1000 five star unsolicited testimonials on record! We are owned and managed by the A.C.E., Inc. who is NOT A SERVICE PROVIDER OF SERVICE OF PROCESS. WE ARE A DIRECTORY SERVICE ONLY.

U.S.D.C. Process Serving Directory Operations .

Our Directory of Rule 4 / U.S.D.C. Process Servers is a family owned business and is managed by its founder, Jonathan Hammer Levey. Mr. Levey oversees the daily operations and continues to offer his expertise as a digital marketing expert for small to mid sized emerging Process Serving Service companies. As the company leader, Mr. Levey directs daily activities, sets priorities and oversees the security and accuracy of our directory service everyday – seven days a week.

Listings of Process Servers in the Rule 4 Directory offers:

  • Access to Qualified USDC Private Process Servers
  • Directory Listing Services for Process Servers
  • Resources and Other Specialty Process Serving Services
  • Unlimited Use of our Search and find features

Our directory of Process Servers and Constables has been offering direct access to the best USDC Process Servers for twenty-eight years. Process Servers and Constables listed in our directory have extensive experience, great success and dependable stability which just about guarantees your service will be a complete successful endeavor. However, as a directory service, we cannot guarantee perfection, we can guarantee our Process Servers efforts will be at the highest level of intensity. They are trustworthy and dedicated professionals who actual care. Their transparency and accessibility does allow them to brag about their unparalleled success rate with service of process services and a verifiable 100% client satisfaction rating. When you connect with one of our listed Process Servers or Constables you will be communicating with a dedicated professional who will assisting you from start to a successful conclusion of your service.

Listed below are all the states and jurisdictions where U.S.D.C. Process Servers or Constables can be found. To start your search please click on the territory where you need assistance.