A.C.E., Inc. is the acronym for Agency for Civil Enforcement. We are a Florida Corporation since 1999 and have exceeded 875,000 successful transactions. The company is owned and operated by Jonathan Levy who is the principal managing agent. Mr. Levy is a licensed Private Investigator (A9900347) and holds a Sheriff Appointed Special Process Server License. Mr. Levy is also a licensed Process Server who is certified by the Chief Judge of the Court.

The Summons processing management staff consists of several individuals who are USDC and Federal Court experts with Rule 4; that is, serving defendants with USDC Lawsuits. The staff is trained, knowledgeable and are capable commencing services in a moment’s notice. Each staff member has been trained, periodically retrained and is encouraged to attend monthly and annual educational seminars concerning the Federal Rules and Civil Procedure, specifically serving defendants with a summons and the proper way to facilitate a perfect Proof of Service upon completion.

Process Serving Services of USDC District Summons and Complaint Services are Compliant with Rule 4

A.C.E., Inc. is also a Legal Support Service company which provides many other Attorney services. We are offer Private Investigation Services, State and Locate Court Process Services, Nationwide Door Knocking Services, Property Verification Services and Nationwide Courthouse Courier Services.

All services are managed from one central location and are monitored and directed by a small staff of dedicated employees who are available to communicate with you at a time of your choice.

The small office staff guarantees you will have one on one personalized service and is yours connect to the process server in the field who is handling the service of your summons to the defendant. A.C.E. Field agents are a small army of feisty go getters who are prepared to handle any service you need.

About A.C.E.

A.C.E. Process Servers is a highly acclaimed nationwide District Court Summons private process service company. A.C.E. has been voted "the best process servers in the nation" for the past seven years and has over 500 wonderful unsolicited testimonials on record! We are owned and managed by the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation which is a nationwide Private Investigation company specializing in locating defendants and witnesses. We also offer expert skip trace services on behalf of clients seeking to locate heirs and other important people who are party to legal proceedings.

U.S.D.C. Process Serving Operations by A.C.E.

A.C.E. Process Serving Services is a family owned business and is managed by its founder Jonathan Merrick Levy. Mr. Levy oversees the daily operations of the management team and he still continues to offer his expertise as a licensed Private Investigator and Licensed Process Server. As the company leader, Mr. Levy directs daily activities, sets priorities and oversees client services everyday – six days a week. He is a relentless manager who has been awarded the distinction as “One of The Best Private Investigator’s in the Nation” for the past ten years. In addition, his employees and contractors all agree, “Mr. Levy is a great person to work for” and is revered as a brilliant innovator who has had a major impact on the process service industry.

Classification of Private Process Services A.C.E. offers its clients:

  • Nationwide U.S.D.C. Private Process Services
  • Nationwide Due Diligence Services
  • Due Diligence Investigations and Affidavits of Due and Diligent Search Serve
  • Skip Trace and Locate Defendants Services
  • Skip Trace and Locate Respondents Service
  • Surveillance Stake out services directed at elusive and difficult to serve defendants.

A.C.E. Process Serving Services has been offering unique and successful process and investigative services for twenty four years. Our extensive experience, success and stability just about guarantees your service will be a complete successful endeavor. Though A.C.E. cannot guarantee perfection, we can guarantee our focus and efforts will be at the highest level of intensity. We are trustworthy and dedicated to our clients, profession and employees. Our transparency and accessibility does allow us to brag about our unparalleled success rate with service of process services and a verifiable 100% client satisfaction rating. When you contact A.C.E. you will be communicating with a dedicated employee who has been trained, annually certified and will be available to assist you with all your process service needs. When you place your trust in A.C.E. Process Servers, we will pledge to utilize our acclaimed resources and team of processing experts to handle your particular needs.