Privacy and Confidentially Guaranteed

A.C.E. Technology Inc., and, Inc., and maintains a secure and encrypted digital environment in a centralized area. All correspondence, data and information communicated to and from our office is essentially impenetrable to outside intrusion. We pride ourselves in promising our clients that all levels of interaction are treated as highly sensitive and we pledge to respect the rule confidentially one hundred percent.

Data Destruction Policy

We only store the Proof of Service document relating to U.S.D.C. process serving services information for a period of 180 days after a service is complete.

Email Addresses, Cookies and Contact information

We do not store or save contact information for commercial use. We do, however, retain your mailing address and telephone number for reference purposes [only] when you hire us. Rest assured we do not use any tracking, secret codes or cookies within our pages. We do not create files or data sources with your information. All information is confidential and secure.

Company Confidentiality

A.C.E. Technology Inc., and adheres to all U.S.D.C. laws and the highest standards of ethics and morals. A.C.E. Technology Inc., and, Inc., and prides itself on performing honest and accurate U.S.D.C Federal Court Summons services that are conditionally guaranteed. All policies and laws guiding our business activities are strictly confidential.

Financial Data Protection

All financial data exchanged between A.C.E. Technology Inc., and and its clients is confidential and secure by encryption and access code authorization only. Presently, A.C.E. Technology Inc., and only has two employees who handle data exchange, banking and other related financial matters. Each individual is equally responsible for protection and securing data are the Owners and founders of the company. Each owner has a stellar background, has never been sued, arrested or has ever involved and any matters of impropriety, mis or malfeasance. They have never been the subject of any government investigation and nor have they ever had any type pf formal complaint. Rest assured, your sensitive data is in trustworthy hands, secured by credible people and is processed via the most advanced state of the art compliance center.